Fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing

Ankit Wasankar
2 min readDec 16, 2020

This is my college project, where I developed a mechanism for fuzzy keyword search in the encrypted data. Here I would like to present the outline of the project and also the complete working code for the same.

What is fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data?

  • Fuzzy search means approximate string matching
  • For example: languaje is misspelled word which will matched actually with correct word language
  • Just like when we misspell something in google, then google corrects it.
  • But this time, we will be searching in the encrypted data.

Use case:

Suppose a User wants to search a keyword language. But User misspelled it as languaje and clicked on search button.

Data in the database is in encrypted form. Now we will try to search the encrypted data for inputted keyword languaje.

So in this project we have generated the process of matching misspelled keyword with encrypted data.

We have used different algorithms like N-Grams creation, Jaccard coefficient calculation and encryption techniques. So, let us see how we can understand and setup the project

Github link for project: https://github.com/ankitwasankar/Fuzzy-keyword-search-over-encrypted-data-in-cloud-computing

What problem is expected to solve using this project — structure and flow of project?

Demonstration of live code — project

Project Structure:

Fig: Image demonstrating the project working and structure explained in video
Fig: Image demonstrating the project working and structure explained in video

You can leave the comment below if you have any problem regarding the project or feel free to mail me at ankit.wasankar12@gmail.com for the same. Please do not use this project as a college or university project without notifying me. :)

Any questions or queries, let me know in comments ?