Best Java Library for Indian Mutual Fund NAVs

Ankit Wasankar
2 min readOct 27, 2022
mftool-java Github

Looking for java library which can provide easy way to fetch data for indian mutual funds, then you have reached the correct place.

mftool-java is an all-in-one java library which can be imported in any Java project by simply adding the dependency.

What can it provide ?

This mf-tool java library provides simple APIs/functions/methods to work with Indian Mutual Funds. You can:

  • Fetch a list of all mutual fund schemes.
  • Fetch a list of matching mutual fund schemes based on provided keywords.
  • Fetch historic or current NAV (Net Asset Value) for a fund.
  • Fetch details for a fund and fund house.
  • Integrate this with any Java project.

How to import library?

If you are using Maven as dependency management


If you are using Graddle as dependency management tool.

implementation 'com.webencyclop.core:mftool-java:1.0.4'

For other dependency management tool, please visit

How to use the library?

Sample code that shows how to use the library:

MFTool tool = new MFTool();
tool.matchingScheme("Axis"); //-- get a list of all schemes with Axis in its name
tool.getCurrentNav("120503"); //-- get current nav

To know more about the mutual fund library, you can go to this link: